7 Quick Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally!

You know you are under stress when your heart rate increases, muscles tighten, your breath becomes shallow, blood pressure rises, and your mind spins. However, a few things can relieve your stress quickly and bring you back on track.

Understand stress:

Everyday activities like getting ready for work, using public transit, traffic jams, or grocery shopping can make you feel nervous. Even work deadlines, cooking for family, and handling the kids can get you down. 
Everyone feels stressed, and it’s ok! Stress is how your mind and body react to any pressure. Therefore, stress can motivate you or can also affect your health. Fortunately, here are some ways to reduce stress quickly. 

1. Get some air

Due to our work lifestyle, we generally stay indoors. However, your body needs fresh air. You can get an impromptu relaxation even by opening a window. So next time you feel stressed, just open the window and wait for the magic. 

2. Stress ball

There are some days when you feel frustrated and want to punch or hit someone or something. Squeeze a stress ball instead! Squeezing the ball allows you to physically exert all the pent-up energy. It’s an easy and non-violent way to relieve your stress. 

3. Breathe

Breathing slowly and deeply is a powerful trick that can help lower blood pressure and heart rate and give your body an extra oxygen boost. Deep breathing is an effective way that is supposed to work similar to acupuncture, balancing the mind and body.  

4. Chew a gum

Chewing is a great gum exercise that also reduces stress quickly. According to research, 4 minutes of chewing gum rigorously reduces stress and allows you to get back at the center. So when you are asked to work extra hours, chew your gum to relieve stress quickly. 

5. Rub your palms

Rubbing palms creates a fiction that can immediately shift your neurochemistry, relieving stress. A scientific study proves that a hand massage reduces feelings of stress and anxiety. Try it for quick results.

6. Chocolate

They found in a study that eating a piece of the dark chocolate bar can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. And if consumed daily, it regulates hormone catecholamines in highly stressed people. In addition, it can change brain wave frequency, providing stress reduction.

7. Call a Friend

After a stressful day at work, when something’s bothering you, pick up your phone and call your best friend- share your feelings- talk it out loud. And if your friend is unavailable at that moment, speak to someone you can trust, maybe a co-worker or family. 

Super quick tips

    1. Fake a smile 
2. Sit straight
     3. Hug someone
Moreover, exercise, walks, meditation, spending quality time with your loved ones, and reducing screen time are effective methods to relieve stress naturally.

The bottom line

Dealing with a last-minute project from your boss, wedding arrangements, or a fight with your spouse triggers a cascade of physical and mental stress that can be difficult to control. Therefore, try the above mentioned ways to relieve stress quickly and improve overall well-being. And most importantly, understand that this too shall pass!


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