Founder Story

The Breakdown

Medications were running me ragged. I knew I had to find a better way to solve the problems I was facing. 

When I was in school earning my Computer Science degree,
I confronted a wide range of obstacles that prevented me from achieving the personal, academic, and professional goals I had set for myself. Instead of allowing these challenges to dictate what I could accomplish, I was resolved on finding viable and effective solutions.

The first major hurdle I faced was a diagnosis with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) which made it excessively difficult to concentrate for long periods of time which impeded my learning abilities.
I was prescribed potent medication to combat the symptoms of my ADHD, but the side effects took a major toll.

I was struggling with significant mood swings to the downside and finding it difficult to fall and stay asleep. The low quality of sleep only exacerbated my fowl moods and resulted in decreased levels of energy. Not happy with the trade-off resulting from the medications, I sought out to find a better way to solve the problems I was facing.


The epiphany

Believing that I could live a happy, fulfilling life and fight the symptoms of ADHD, I dove headfirst into research mode to learn anything and everything I could about improving my attention and focus without detracting from other areas of my life. After meeting with several dietary consultants, reading dozens of books, and talking with various experts in alternative medicine, I had an epiphany: 
It’s possible to reach my full potential in a more natural way. 

During my research, I learned that I’m hardly the only person struggling with similar issues.
I came across hundreds upon hundreds of individuals who were discontent with the progress they weren’t making towards their healths objectives and overall life goals. There are millions of students out there who are actively seeking more healthy ways to reach their potential.

Our mission and vision

I’m  Sergei Strelnikov, and I’m the Founder and CEO of VitaFlip. I started this business with the goal of helping people find relief from various health struggles without having to become overly reliant upon potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs. I didn’t jump into the industry to make a quick buck. This is my passion, my mission, and most importantly - my story.

VitaFlip was developed out of the realization that students are demanding a more natural and healthy solution for achieving a more rewarding life. I’m now devoting all of my energy, resources, and time to finding new supplements and formulas that can benefit my customers around the world. 

VitaFlip has seen tremendous growth as people come to realize the potency and impact of these natural solutions. It’s been an exciting process, but I know we’re just getting started as there are more obstacles to tackle and new products to create.


At VitaFlip, we firmly believe that all students should have access to natural solutions to overcome the challenges in the way of creating a healthier lifestyle overall. Our vision is to help over 1,000,000 students by 2025 become more happy and healthy on their path towards pursuing their college and life goals.